Role Playing
Yes, I do this Role Playing thing, ranging from science fiction to fantasy, from being the game master through to "just another character" - it's all lots of fun but I only get to do it here and there.

I'm currently running a campaign for a group of young guys that's been going for about a year. Set in a fantasy world that I've been inventing as we go along, it uses the Dungeons and Dragons (version 3) rules as a basis/guide and has been a lot of fun. They're currently trying to solve some puzzles and be at the right place at the right time when a grand planetary alignment will take place. It happens only once every 5,000 years so they're hoping to get it all right.

As time permits I'll load more details of the world they're playing in and a history of the adventures they've had. Looking back on it all, it's been quite amusing. Staying ahead of them has definitely kept me on my toes.

Otherwise, I don't get much time to play. I've entered the last three ConQuest conventions (held each Easter here in Melbourne) but that's been it. Much in all as I'd like to just be "yet another character" in a campaign sometime, I doubt it'll be soon due to the many other things I have to do.

More on this when I get time to update it.