Liberal? No way!
September 15, 2004

We're coming up on the next Federal Election here in Australia. More than ever I'm leery of the two main parties (Liberal/National coalition and Labour). It's almost always a case of Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum as they both do something stupid here and there, have questionable policies and, of course, the whole stigma of politics and the lack of trust, failed promises, etc etc etc.

This time though, one thing is standing out with magnificent clarity for myself and, it would appear, many others. I just cannot send my vote in any direction that may put John Howard back in power.

From the disgusting display of the Republic referendum where two questions were mangled into one through the "Truth Overboard" Tampa disaster and, finally, into the outright toadying to George "W" Bush and his lack of weapons/evidence/credibility, John Howard has done more to destroy my belief in politicians than any other Australian to date (yes, worse even than Pauline Hanson). There is no stronger message I can send to that little weasel than to put my vote elsewhere, and I am strongly advising my friends & family to do the same (many are already indicating they'll do all they can to vote Howard out).

So it looks like I'll be putting the Liberal candidate at the bottom of my vote card. Whether or not the Labour candidate is far above him is a whole separate issue to be reviewed closer to The Big Day. I can't say I'm too happy with Labour either, although they're light years ahead of Howard...