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Doing the Vatican Rag

Religion will be the death of us all!

Tailgating vs slow dickheads in the fast lane

Tailgating is bad, but so is driving slowly in the fast lane!

Don't Buy DELL Equipment

My DELL laptop is playing up yet again and is currently not working at all. Read on for the sordid tale of my DELL laptops and why I can never recommend DELL to anyone...

Lest we forget? Too late!

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, many western countries have a minute's silence to honour dead warriors, usually under the banner of "Lest we forget."

I just wish those in power would start remembering...

Comparing Iraq to Sudan raises nasty questions

When asked about the UN's comment on the invasion of Iraq being illegal, he raises the current situation in the Sudan as an example of the UN being stuck in a bogged down consensus situation. Perhaps not such a good idea, really...

Liberal? No way!

Anyone but John bloody Howard to win the Australian Federal Election in October.

Get a Missile Up Ya

Australia is considering the purchase of long range missiles for use by its armed forces. The papers are reporting this as a bad thing, but what about the high performance aircraft Indonesia and co are purchasing?

USA's CAN-SPAM law a failure

As expected, the US's CAN-SPAM law is being referred to as "you CAN still SPAM" for obvious reasons.

Bloody English Language

This must be one of the worst of the "common" languages ever!

Reduced SPAM from Australia

SPAM from Australia is on the decrease and some are quick to say it's because of our tough new anti-SPAM laws - but is there more to the picture?

Warnings over health risks for wireless work

My comments to the editor following a piece saying that people working on wireless laptops in non-ergonomic environments (eg: cafes) could lead to legal issues as workers take employers to court over bad work places, etc.

Care and Feeding of Project Managers

My comments on an article by Rob Thomsett (The Care and Feeding of Project Managers, American Programmer, Feb 1998).