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My Cars
A photo history of the cars I've owned
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1969 Toyota Celica LT 2000
This was the first car I ever owned and I loved it - a great car to drive. I don't have any photos of it so this one will have to do - mine was a dark grey colour.
1989 Suzuki Swift GTI
A very zippy, sporty car - mine had all the "goodie bits" like spoilers, dams and any other tricks that could tweak the most from its little engine. Of course, mine was red, not white :)
1993 Dodge Intrepid
I was driving a green one of these around Boston when I lived in the USA. It was a well decked out family sedan with some performance. We did some fun road trips in it to various parties around the place.
197x Peugeot 504
When I moved back to Sydney, I picked up my sister's old car and bombed around in that until I moved to Argentina.
1997 Mazda 323F Astina
I really enjoyed this car - v6 2 litre engine, handled well, lots of room and it looked great. It became known as "The Doof Shuttle" as I was always driving everyone around between parties with the music cranked.
1955 FJ Holden
So much fun to drive around, just for the funky-factor and "old skool preservation"
1962 EK Holden
Another classic "old skool funky" car - I was using this car after the FJ. It gained some notoriety when I was using it to drive Monolake around Melbourne on his first Australian tour.
1965 HD Holden Premier
I picked this one up and it was all original, no modifications, histories, the works. Sadly, I lost control one night in the wet and spun it into a wall, leaving it somewhat worse for wear :(
1983 Mazda RX-7 (series 2)
I purchased this from a friend and proceeded to blow the seals on the front rotor (oops, didn't realise I had to warm it up first and so on :). After getting the engine reconditioned, I picked up a couple of dings thanks to other people but have managed to get them fixed. I'll get a photo of it soon and load it, but for now, here's a stock image of the type of car.