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2007 Australian Grand Prix
Photos taken while working at the 2007 Melbourne Grand Prix
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All images have been cropped and scaled-down from the originals for size issues.
Original images are better quality but much larger.
These images are licensed under a Creative Commons license.
Aussie Racing Cars
These things are crazy - little racing cars sized between a go-kart and a mini
Formula 3 Cars
I was able to get some shots of the F3 cars without the fence in the way (before we got moved out of the area) - unfortunately the auto-focus on my camera had some problems figuring out where to look :(
V8 Super Cars
Unlike previous years, there are no V8 Super Car races at the GP - the only one here is part of the Ultimate Speed Challenge (F1 vs V8 vs BMW street car)
As with any Grand Prix, there's a stack of helicopters flying in and out of the site - I have to keep reminding myself that this place is supposed to be about the cars :)
F1 Racer Balloon
The whole reason we were at the Grand Prix - the dreaded F1 Racer balloon
The Balloon Sunrise Team
During our time at the Grand Prix, we made the most of our equipment and the location we were in - best things were the BBQ and using the trailer as a grandstand :)