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Albury Airshow 2002
I took Nykolai with me to see the airshow, get photos and write an article about it for AOPA
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Here's the article I wrote about the airshow that was published in AOPA Magazine's April edition
Beech 18's:
Antique Airways (Wallaby Air Tours) had their Beech 18 there and were running a few joy flights. I can definitely recommend a flight - lots of fun. There was also a Beech 18 in original "tail-dragger" configuration.
Ansett DC-3:
The City of Albury put the money up for the Ansett DC-3 to fly in and give a great demo of its low-level handling skills. It looked great in the air - wish I could have caught it with my camera.
Temora Aviation Museum's Cessna A-37 Dragonfly:
This is an incredible aircraft to watch as it takes off - the nose comes up and just keeps coming up. A very steep climb out is required so the aircraft doesn't go too fast before the landing gear can be raised.
Harvards, Winjeels and Wirroways:
There was a good collection of training aircraft at the show, including the Harvards used by the Southern Knights formation aerobatics team. I had a few goes during the day at capturing their Harvards parked in front of the tower.
Temora Aviation Museum's Meteor:
One of the few Meteors still flying in the world - the sound this aircraft made as it flew past during its demo was almost like a hybrid between a jet and a piston engine. Very unique.
P-51 Mustang:
Dick Hourigan and Judy Pay own this P-51 Mustang (here's the story of the aircraft's paint job . Steve Death and Guy Bourke were the pilots during the show. The last few photos were taken on the Monday after the airshow when Guy & Judy were preparing the aircraft for its return to Tyabb.
RAAF Roulettes:
The Roulettes put on a good show in clear skies although, by the time it was their turn, the air was getting a little bumpy.
Temora Aviation Museum's Spitfire:
Col Pay flew Temora's Spitfire in for the show.
Australian Jet Adventures' Strikemaster:
Darren DeRoia and the crew were there running joy-flights in their ex-RNZAF Strikemaster.
Two T-28 Trojan trainer aircraft were present, including Steve Death's aircraft painted in Royal Laotian Air Force colours..
Temora Aviation Museum's Vampire:
The Vampire actually managed to melt the tarmac when it was started near the static display area.
Classics and Warbirds:
There was a good collection of classic and/or warbird aircraft flow in by people who came to watch the airshow.
Other Aircraft:
Many other aircraft were based at Albury, visiting or part of the show.
Parking the Visitors:
About 50 visiting aircraft were expected (not including those taking part in the show). About 120 turned up! Fortunately there was space available to put them.
Family Shots:
I had my son Nykolai with me so I managed to get a couple of photo's of us with some aircraft.
A shot of the Albury dam (not much water in there) and the breakfast BBQ that was put on at the flying club on the morning of the airshow.